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Try Them With Water.
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Posted:  15.05.2020

Our wetlook friend from UK came to visit Waminstyle girls and bought them some really beautiful clothes, perfect to get wet in. Nika, Kylie, Elena and Greta couldn't wait to try them on and get into the water!
Completely new Levi's and other jeans and cute white tops brought our girls so much joy but only wetlook girls know how to make the most of your outfit. Kylie and Elena were the first to introduce their presents to the jacuzzi and they were not disappointed. And you won't be as well when you see those new Levi's first contact with water on those hot and sexy bodies!
Greta and Nika followed them and had lots of fun altogether, bathing their new outfits in jacuzzi and feeling joyful and sexy. Now, these clothes went through water initiation and deserved to be a true part of a wetlook girl's wardrobe.
But there was something more to try with water - lovely jeans jackets. Girls wore them just like they were, all wet, but that wasn't enough so they got them fully wet in water. Three things are never enough for our girls - Levi's jeans, water in their panties and the eyes of men hungry with lust!
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Any Fish Belongs to Water. Part 2.
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Posted:  20.03.2020

Pisces is considered a soft, tender and feminine sign. Waminstyle Pisces couldn't help but fall under this definition. Because what can be more feminine than a skirt with high heels? This is the best choice of outfit to show the gentle and sexy nature of Pisces and our girls took the most of it in the water.
Meet Anita, Melissa, Jessica and Ariel in white formal blouses, flying short skirts, high heeled shoes, tights and stockings with sexy garters! Girls can look beautiful in the water not only in jeans, and they demonstrate the feminine and sensual Pisces side to the fullest!
Time for new fun and new joyful games in the water in new outfits! They jump and their skirts are floating, showing their lovely underneath! They twist in the water, diving and laughing, and their beautiful legs in stockings and tights make a dance that can drive any man crazy!
But one of the loveliest things about these looks is their white bras, perfectly visible under wet blouses. Look how their attitude changes with the change of look, how sexy and gorgeous they feel in their wet clothes and how proudly they show it!
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Any Fish Belongs to Water.
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Posted:  28.02.2020

Did you guys know that we have as much as six Waminstyle models that are Pisces? Doesn't it seem very right to you that a water sign symbolized by fishes finds delight in water and swimming? This sign is known as emotional, sensual and artistic, and this totally describes our girls who do their body art in water and feel it so much.
Our talented and beautiful Pisces deserved a party with presents and games in their honor. Only three of them could participate - Melissa, merry little dolphin, Ariel, a badass dangerous shark, and a new Pisces girl Jessica, sparkling with joy like a goldfish.
Anita is the best leader of the party for our Pisces because she's a true expert in having fun with water. She picked the best activities to entertain them considering their love for getting wet in clothes and their sign as well, because whether you're a fish or a Pisces girl, you surely love to play in water and look good while doing this.
Of course, the looks for our Pisces party wasn't very difficult to choose. Blue jeans suits, white tees with no bras underneath and sneakers with white socks are the best. It's classic, comfortable and looks terrific when wet.
The first game was jumping and diving into the hoops. Have you seen dolphins and seals do this? Watch our Pisces girls do it too, shiny as seals in their wet jeans outfits and squeaking with joy just like them!
After this girls competed who is the best in carrying each other in water, on their shoulders and spines. Water  helps not only make you look better in your outfit but to carry your beautiful wet mate as well.
Girls were very happy about the party and presents in their honor. They laughed and played in the water and when they got tired, it was a time to relax and change the mood from playful to sexy. Jackets off, and naughty Pisces turn to sexy sirens, so confident in their powerful sensuality.
You can enjoy the Pisces party anytime, and feel like Peter Pan watching the lovely mermaids having fun under the moonlight of Neverland.
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Wetlook Training for new model. In skirts. Part 2.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 40:55, AVI-file (XviD), 3.52Gb.
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Posted:  20.02.2020

This time Anita and Angela trained Christina to get wet in a skirt. What can be a better match for a skirt than high heels and lovely stockings and patyhose? A white shirt and jacket!
Anita and Angela got REALLY naughty this time. They were supposed to train Christina but got distracted by playing with their skirts in the water, showing off, laughing and having the best time of their lives. And who could blame them? Enjoying to be in the water fully dressed is the best example for a newbie! 
Christina enjoyed as much as the girls but was a little afraid of... herself. That raw, powerful sensuality that comes only with such feminine thing as wet skirt, shattered her innocent world, and this combination is the loveliest thing you could ever see. 
Girls have gone completely wild with their fun in water. They laughed, played and made naughty pictures of themselves in their wet fancy looks. 
Have you heard about pearl hunters that dive into the ocean to get the precious jewels from its bottom? Did you know that only women can do this work because their body is more resistant to the change of atmospheric pressure? Well, now you can see the lovely wetlook "pearl hunteresses" that dive into the pool fully dressed to get the coins from the bottom!
What was the lesson for Christina today? Feel it, and let your emotions flow freely like the water in your panties!
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Wetlook Training for new model. In jeans. Part 1.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 35:02, AVI-file (XviD), 3.01Gb.
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Posted:  07.02.2020

Meet a new wetlook baby - Christina! Anita and Angela, being experienced in having fun in their clothes, introduced her to the sensual world of wetlook aesthetics. And she loved this experience! Since now, you will see her very often in our wetlook team.
Getting wet in your clothes can feel very different, but whatever way may choose, you are sure to look and feel like a queen in your wet jeans, high heels and jacket, shining bright on your curves in the water.
Anita likes it slow. Every second of her performance is a pure pleasure for eyes. This seductive mermaid knows how to rock every inch of her gorgeous body. And if you didn't see the water running from her heels up her jeans, making them look like full-fashioned stockings - you didn't see wetlook at all!
Angela loves it fast. Even Anita's words that there's nothing better in the world that getting wet slow and sexy, didn't make her change her mind. Oh, you should see that happy face when this rebellious mermaid jumps into the water, getting completely wet in seconds! Luckily, Anita had a GoPro to capture Angela's moves under the water and let us all enjoy this gracious and beautiful young creature, wild and free as the water itself!
What would Christina choose? This tender and sophisticated beauty liked Anita's way more. This experienced mermaid helped her through, and you can see how happy she is to be initiated into the world of sexy wetlook girls, where you have endless fun.
How to get properly wet in the water, according to Anita's words:
1. Do it slow!
2. Let water run down your beautiful legs in jeans.
3. Your ass is a treasure, show it to the world!
4. There's never enough water in your clothes.
Girls were so happy being wet in their clothes they barely even noticed the camera. You can see them as they are - no acting, no scenario, just pure emotions and joy. In all the pauses they made selfies and pics to capture the moment of happiness being all wet and beautiful.
As if all this wouldn't be enough, in the end we can see a pure magic - the hair dance in the water. Get an overdose of beauty with three mermaids now!
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