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Kylie, the Photographer. Part 1.

VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 24:11, AVI-file (XviD), 2,08 Gb.

Photos 266pcs, High res 2064x1376           ZIP-archive, 165 Mb. 

Posted:  22.08.2021

What all girls love to do? Of course, taking pictures! Kylie and Anita are no exception. Kylie found a lovely place to take some pics of Anita. Would you doubt that it will be near water?
A lovely lake with white clay and a hot sunny day is the best setting for making pictures of lovely Anita in full jeans outfit. But the photographer herself looked the same sexy in her jeans and a sport jacket worn on naked body.
Kylie was so enchanted by a beauty of Anita that she didn't even notice how she got into the water. She had an idea that Anita should also get wet. And that was the moment when a photosession started getting as hot as the sun above!
Watch the girls getting wet slowly and see how they change into the sexy goddesses of water as they always do! And see what's underneath Anita's jacket as their game in the water gets real!
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The Adventures of Floaty Hotties in a White Quarry

VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 21:40, AVI-file (XviD), 1,86 Gb.

Photos 217pcs, High res 2064x1376           ZIP-archive, 175 Mb. 

Posted:  01.07.2021

Our hottest babes, Anita and Angela, got tired of their average wetlook weekends in a pool. This time they wanted to get wet in a beautiful quarry lake, where the clay is as white as the tees over their braless bodies.
And these white tees were so thin, that the outstanding boobs of both can be clearly seen as they get wet. But it's not the only spectacular thing about their adventure. We promise, you won't be able to look away!
You will see mud all over their blue wet jeans, an island, where the girls change their wet tops for dry just to make them the same, and again, and again. And the most important, you will watch them change their tops! Will they kiss each other or not? Hurry up and discover!
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The Best Ending of the Working Day.

VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 24:51, AVI-file (XviD), 2,14 Gb.

Photos 171pcs, High res 2064x1376           ZIP-archive, 159Mb. 

Posted:  10.06.2021

Leyla, Jessica and Christina weren't joking when they scheduled a meeting the next day after Leyla's b-day. They did it! The day was hot but the three beautiful girls in their working outfits were hotter. They gathered in Leyla's garden and talked about work.
But the sun was burning hot and Leyla decided to cool down the business mood and poured the water from the bucket all over Jessica. The fun began, girls poured the water on each other; they laughed and were nothing like serious ladies they were a minute before.
Of course, everything ended in a pool. Their trousers and shirts got all wet and they transformed into sexy mermaids because this is what wetlook does to a woman - it turns her into a magical creature, beautiful and free.
See how they have fun, listen to their talks and enjoy a sexy dance they perform fully dressed in the water. They would love someone to watch them and you can be the one!
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Leila had a Birthday!

sfdVideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 30:48, AVI-file (XviD), 2,65 Gb.

Photos 210pcs, High res 2128x1416           ZIP-archive, 210Mb. 

Posted:  03.06.2021

Leyla has a birthday! She arranged the celebration on a countryside in her garden with a pool. Her friends went to greet her, dressed in lovely cocktail dresses, tights and heels so as she. After a couple glasses champaign Leyla offered to move their festive table into the pool so they can sit all dressed in the water, like true wetlook girls do.
They enjoyed the celebration, getting all wet from toes to waists. They adored the looks of their shiny tights soaked with water, and took off their fancy shoes to show off their feet. They laughed, chattered and were feeling sexy, beautiful and happy.
Later they removed the table to swim but simple swimming was too boring for a party, and Leyla offered them to dance for her and accompany them with her singing. Each girl should have presented her a slow sexy dance in the water, and how amazing it was!
You have never seen such pure emotions, joy and the happiness of bathing in the water all dressed! Their laughter, jokes, and the skirts floating in the water will blow your mind. They scheduled a wetlook meeting all dressed up after work, so don't miss their next video in business outfits! Stay tuned!
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Levi's party - 2021.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 34:56, AVI-file (XviD), 3 Gb.
Photos 368pcs, High res 2128x1416           ZIP-archive, 307Mb. 

Posted:  21.05.2021

Greta, Kylie and Lera here again, hungry for wet beautiful outfits! This time their dress code was simple and elegant - Levi's jeans, shirts and boots. Everyone knows there is no better clothes for wetlook fun.
Girls started from making their breasts wet, and their tees got shamelessly transparent. Should we mention that they wore no bras again? Yes, because it's pleasant even to think about!
They played games to get all wet non stop - hide-and-seek in the water, riding each other's shoulders, diving and jumping. 
Greta was happy to enjoy her favourite kind of fun together with friends. There was a lot of water, wet shiny booties and a pure joy of sensual women, feeling themselves as the wetlook queens.
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