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Elena, Vanessa and Nika are bathed in Jacuzzi and having shower in the sauna, fully clothed in jeans

Video:     HD, 1280x720 25p, length 15:52, MP4-file (AVC), 710 MB 

Photos:   398 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                            ZIP-archive, 198 MB.

Posted:  22.01.2013

Elena attracted her best friends - Vanessa and Nika to wetlook passion. In winter there is nothing better than to go to sauna for it. Lovely decor, a warm shower, large Jacuzzi - everything inviting to dip there fully clothed. When you shoot one girl for wetlook - it's beautiful, when two girls - it's fun, but when three girls and they are also friends - it is riot of fun that can not be stopped, we can only watch and have time to shoot these wonderful moments .

In this session girls will show you a wonderful wetlook in their usual clothes, as they often walk down the street - in jeans, trousers, boots and beautiful T-shirts and shirt, which show all the pleasures of the body when wet. It was their first common swim in clothes, and they truly loved it, they were not a bit embarrassed, and vice versa - got lots of fun! I think they will please us again with great wetlook photos and video scenes.

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Sweet WAM battle Tanya vs Varvara, friendship won!

Video: HD, 1280x720 25p, length 53:04,    MP4-file (AVC), 1550 MB 

Photos: 270 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                            ZIP-archive (177 MB).

Posted:  08.01.2013

Varvara came to visit Tanya, to help to lay sweet table for the holiday, and even brought a delicious cake cooked by herself. Girls have been friends for a long and spend a lot of time together, and as it turned out they have a mutual friend - Scott, who called Varvara in this unsuitable time, and caused a quarrel betwen girls ...

Girls threw sweets in each other, their clothes were stained immediately. One of them did not resist and began to pour sweet syrup down girlfriend's head, soaking her hair with slime and sticky mixture. Girls cut loose and all sweets on the table - cream, chocolate pudding cake, sweet cream, syrup, and more - came to be widely used. No one part of their beautiful dresses did not escape the fate of being completely stained and tainted. Tanya's and Varvara's hair were completely penetrated with syrups and mixtures, faces also were covered with liquid chocolate, cream and gelatin dessert. Tanya's tights and Varvara's stockings were soaking wet and sticky. Varvara's dress and a white blouse of Tanya became of one brown colour. The whole room turned into a true dirty and sticky mess where girls were sliding and wrestling on the floor. But gradually the fight turned into a great fun, the girls forgot about the guy who caused this scandal and girlfriends just enjoyed and had fun in this very dirty and wet situations.

This video came out longlasting (about an hour) and multivarious, you will watch it in one breath and it causes a lot of emotions and laughter. Different interesting moments ( with pie, cream, slime, messy hair, face, body, tights, stockings, shoes, sheer blouse, dress, skirt) are shown here. Girls spent the last 12 minutes of this video in the bathroom, and you can enjoy the wonderful views of wetlook. They wash each other with a shower and hair shampoo.

Girls hold this party in heads for a long time, Tanya could not get rid of sickly sweet smell in the room for a few months. Hope this video will not leave anyone unfazed, it will attract all lovers of wet and messy. It was shot and played very naturally! And Tanya and Varvara suddenly forgot about the camera and just enjoy this messy - sweet process, all the emotions and talks are real. Now it's time to share it with you, really not expensive, only $ 19 of 53min dirty fun of wonderful and beautiful girls! And all this in high quality HD! Enjoy!

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Three Russian Wet Snow Maidens wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Video: HD, 1280x720 25p, length 20:40, MP4-file (AVC), 924 MB 

Photos: 464 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                            ZIP-archive (319 MB).

Posted:  25.12.2012

Elena with her best friends met in sauna to celebrate Christmas holidays, and to have a good time girls in a very beautiful Snow Maidens dresses soak in Jacuzzi, in the pool and in the shower. It is their first wetlook holiday and they really liked it. Girls gave us a bright festive show of beautiful wetlook, and got a lot of fun themselves.

For all our current subscribers and those who join our site from December 25, 2012 till January 10, 2013 this Christmas video and photo set will be presented for free! (Wait for E-mail with the code to download).

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Tanya in a business trousers suit gets wet under running water.

Video: HD, 1280x720 25p, length 20:40, MP4-file (AVC), 619 MB 

Photos: 288 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                            ZIP-archive (312 MB).

Operator and Photographer: UFA    (04.12.2012)

Recently Tanya went to work in the office and wear business suits. Now she is in a long-term leave and office clothes has to gather dust in the closet ... But of course not in our closet, we give clothes a second life in our wonderful interest to wetlook.
You can not imagine what feelings you experience getting wet in business suit, it's nice to feel the cold water jets penetrating under the clothes, to feel the weight of wet jacket on the body, to feel how wet pants fit to your legs, how water squelches in shoes, and it's funny to catch amazing glances of come-and-go people), It's interesting what do they think looking at the lady in wet business suit? Probably - she is crazy). But whatever we do for our favorite hobby, and this time Tanya gives us another beautiful view of the wetlook, of the real pleasure of wet clothes.

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Elena and Julia relax in sauna, swimming in the jacuzzi and getting wet in the shower, fully clothed

Video: HD, 1280x720 25p, length  17:44    MP4-file (AVC), 784 MB 

Photos: 324 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                            ZIP-archive (328 MB).

Operator and Photographer: UFA 


Elena invited her friend Julia in this wonderful sauna for the first acquaintance with wetlook. These two beautiful young girls have fun and relax. They could not resist and went into a large swirling whirlpool with warm water, of course forgetting to undress). Slowly getting wet in jeans, funny plunging deeper, Elena and Julia are now fully under water, every cell of their clothing already has soaked. Having some fun in the Jacuzzi, girls change the place of their games - under shower, they pour each other with water spray, with fun posing for the camera.

Julia is not the first and not the last girlfriend of Elena who tried wetlook, she loved the unusual interests, now she is looking forward to filming, she will delight us not once in a great variety of clothing.

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