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Girlfriends bathes in business suits in Jacuzzi.

Video:     HD, 1280x720 25p, length 25:17,                      MP4-file (AVC), 950MB 

Photos:   299 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                          ZIP-archive, 156MB.

Posted:  18.03.2014

Two friends Elena and Nika are sitting at home at the table after a hard day at the office, talking and drinking milk cocktail. Surprisingly, the girls began to quarrel and splashed each others with drinks, getting dirty their working suits. Then putting their mind at ease a little, friends went to the bathroom and tried to scrub stains from cocktails with wet sponge, but it was bad work, they only smeared suits more. Then Nika turned on the shower and began wet cleaning of Elena's suit, after that the water was almost everywhere. Girls understood that they have nothing to lose, suits spoiled and they decided to take a bath, fully clothed of course. Girlfriends went into water right in the shoes immediately soaking wet feet and began to wash clothes each other using shampoo and sponge. Elena took a moment and asked Nika to washed her hair and Nika did it. Then girls completely dipped into the tub, washed legs in pantyhose and stockings, and only then began to undress leisurely, remaining only wet shirts that stuck sexy body, also pantyhose and stockings. That's the way our girls relax after work, enjoying wetlook!

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Vanessa and Marianna jump into the pool in office clothes.

Video:     HD, 1280x720 25p, length 16:25,                      MP4-file (AVC), 617MB 

Photos:   292 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                          ZIP-archive, 205MB.

Posted:  26.02.2014

Girlfriends Vanessa and Marianna go to sauna after work in office. Girls drink wine, have fun, pushing each other into the pool, swimming and diving under water. They do all this in their office clothes, elegant blouses, skirts, tights and stockings. After the pool girlfriends go out of the water, showing off their beautiful legs in wet nylon, take on high heel shoes and go under warm shower, where they have pleasure again under warm jets of water, fully clothed.

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Two girlfriends take a bath in winter clothes.

Video:     HD, 1280x720 25p, length 23:48,                      MP4-file (AVC), 894MB 

Photos:   446 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                          ZIP-archive, 226MB.

Posted:  11.02.2014

One cold winter day Elena and Nika went for a walk, they took a sled to go tobogganing. Girls had fun in the snow tumbling, throwing snow. As a result girls felt cold and feet got wet, the snow got into short boots. Having returned home girlfriends decided to warm up in original way - to take a hot bath right in the clothes , all the more so it was time to wash the coats.

So the water in the bath is ready, Elena and Nika lowered their cold legs into water, right in shoes feeling pleasure how warm water warms up legs. Then girls sit in a bath in their jeans and start having fun and completely wet each other . All it happens with the music, that was quite fun. Girls starts to take off clothes, first they remove jackets leaving sweaters, then they take off shoes and they show feet in socks, at the end of bathing they removed sweaters with jeans staying in tights and shirts. Girlfriends also often dance to the music and pour themselves with shower. Generally girls had fun, happy smiles and laughter have never left their faces..

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Two girls in business suits under streams of old dam.

Video:     HD, 1280x720 25p, length 20:03,                      MP4-file (AVC), 753MB 

Photos:   390 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                          ZIP-archive, 330MB.

Posted:  14.01.2014


Girlfriends Nika and Natalie work in a serious firm, where they have strict dress code - only business pantsuits. It was very hot summer day, girls decided to sit in the shade near old dam after work, on the shore of a stormy river , to enjoy the coolness after a hard day.

While talking girls didn't notice how their feet in shoes got wet in the cool shallow water, the same for socks. And it gave an impetus to the more mad action - to get wet completely in their business suits, all the more so powerful jets of water from the old dam beckoned to get under it. Without thinking girlfriend dipped into the water , making their way closer to the natural powerful shower.

And now the girl are completely under water jets, soaking suits wet, the water spared nothing, even the hair, but this pleasure was worth of it, powerful jets and cool water did their work, girls are happy and full of joy, the fatigue of the day was washed away in the truest sense of the word). Adrenaline incomparable with anything, Nika and Natalie decided to get wet in this waterfall not once time again in their very different clothes.

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College girls and their teacher in sauna.

Video:     HD, 1280x720 25p, length 41:13,                      MP4-file (AVC), 1510MB 

Photos:   495 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                          ZIP-archive, 271MB.

Posted:  10.12.2013


Two girlfriends Elena and Natalia decided to skip classes and went to sauna for fun. Girls took a tape recorder, laptop and smartphones, not  to get bored and to have fun, to listen to music and to play

with their phones , as they have strict rules in college prohibiting from carrying electrical engineering, even a simple mobile phone.

But the teacher phoned the girls and find out where they are. Then she appeared in sauna and began yelling at them, she also checked their bags. Nika (form teacher) found laptop and phones in their

bags and decided to punish girlfriends. Not listening girls' arguments Nika forced them to throw their phones by their own into water. Natalia was the first to drown her phone, then the teacher made ​​

her to wear her heavy bag and sent her into swimming pool, fully clothed in uniform.

Then Nika made ​​Elena to turn on tape recorder and pass it to Natalia in the pool, so that she could drown it. Once the technique successfully went to the bottom, the teacher made ​​a poor girl to dive under the water and take the phone and tape recorder from the depth. Then Nika allowed Natalia to leave the pool, but only with a very heavy bag full of water and let her take a warm shower to warm up.

Then Elena shared the same fate. Angry teacher forced her to dive with a working phone until it was destroyed. Then Nika forced Elena to drown laptop. After it teacher sent both girls under the shower

and made them wash each other. Nika stood aside and in secret got pleased with the view of wet college girls.

But the sly teacher thought this punishment not to be enough and she made the girls go into the pool again, then she threw her phone into the water to have a reason to join girls in water, as Nika

secretly adored wetlook. Seeing the teacher in water, girls immediately cheered up, they forgot about their ruined gadgets and they enjoyed the situation.

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