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Three girls have water fun in recreation center. Part 1
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 24:46            AVI-file (XviD), 2,13Gb.
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Posted:  15.06.2017

Three young charming girls - Vanessa, Marianna and Greta - love to dance and cool off in wet clothes so much that they decided to do it under waterfall. 
First Vanessa gets wet under cold jets of water. Her white shirt is so sheer, that she had to wear also pink not padded bra, which is very visible under wet shirt together with her blue shiny jeans. The water was so cold that she had to hurry to hot bowl to wait for other two girls.
Then Marianna took up the baton and went to water. She also wears a shirt, jeans and white socks. Her top is more thick and she could wear it braless, but anyway something is visible).
And it's turn of Greta. She shows off getting wet under waterfall. Her loose green sweatshirt now became so tightly fitting and shiny!
Finally girls are together under water jets. They are dancing standing, lying, sitting; soaking more and more wet; getting more joyful and sexy); inviting you to their fun...
To be the pool.
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Kylie and Greta have fun in the pool.
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Posted:  18.05.2017

No wonder it's always very hot in sauna, but how does it feel when you are full-dressed with your shoes on? Our two girls, Kylie and Greta, chose a neat college look for their today's meeting. Kylie wore a blouse, a jacket and a lovely vintage skirt. Her beautiful legs looked so swell in tights and high-heeled shoes. Greta was in a blouse too, but combined it with vest, high-waisted strict pants, and white socks with low-heeled shoes on her feet. The girls looked so innocent and charming as if they just came from lessons to refresh theirselves in pool.
 What is the best remedy for the heat? Of course, water, so cold and fresh. And our girls knew that if you go to the water in clothes, it can help you to stay cool longer, because all you are wearing will be soaked with cold water, giving you comfort and making you look astonishingly sexy. Kylie proposed Greta to do it, but the girl vagued, so she decided to push her into it. Greta wasn't waiting for it, so she was surprised but pleasantly - cold water made the heat easier and her outfit got so perfectly fit on her sexy curves, making them look so juicy and desirable. Kylie saw it and couldn't wait to join her friend, so she also jumped into the pool. And the fun began!
 The girls were swimming, diving, holding each other in the water. Their hair and clothes got absolutely wet, their makeup leaked, but it didn't spoil their look, but made it more teasing and adorable. Wet college clothes, drops falling from Kylie's skirt, shiny Greta's ass in pants, tight and heavy with water - what a great vision it was! The girls went out from the pool, showing up their glittery forms in wet outfit, then came back and continued having fun. After it they took off their shoes,showing their lovely feet soaked with water and began to spill the water all over theirselves. So the hot day got an elegant and pleasant ending.
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Wetlook Levi's jeans Party. Part 2
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 25:03            AVI-file (XviD), 2,15Gb.
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Posted:  01.04.2017

The girls changed their tops to white T-shirts, took off their bras and continued their celebration. This time Wanda ordered them to play another challenge – a water fight. They were supposed to splash each other with the water from glasses and the lost team would be those who turn away their faces. There was a lot of fun, splatter and laughter. The lost team swam beautifully in the pool and the winners joined them for the next game. But suddenly Wanda’s glasses fell down into the pool. What a trouble! But Greta, the best diver, dived and fetched them for her, so the party continued. Now the girls were to swim and bring Wanda the glasses. In the end everybody was in the water, completely wet and happy. No one of them will ever forget that day.
It's a pity there were no spectators who could choose the winner in WET T-SHIRT braless. May be after watching this movie you can say which of these girls is sexiest?
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Wetlook Levi's jeans Party. Part 1
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 29:34            AVI-file (XviD), 2,54Gb.
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Posted:  30.03.2017

Four beautiful young girls - Kylie, Greta, Nika and Elena, loved Levis jeans so much, that they decide to make a pool party dedicated to this brand. They even invited a Levis expert Wanda to make their party not only fun, but also educational. The expert turned to be a very serious bossy woman and the girls felt like teenage schoolgirls on a lesson with the strict teacher. But the lesson wasn’t at all boring, it was funny and full of games with water, which all the girls loved to play.
The first game they played was to check how do the girls know the history of Levis company. Wanda named the facts about the company and the girls were to tell whether they were true or false. The one who gives wrong answer, should be punished with water. Our girls showed very poor knowledge of it and each of them got wet, but didn’t seem to worry about it much. Then Wanda gave them a pair of Levis jeans and ordered to pull them apart and the winner team supposed to go to the water. Girls had a lot of fun struggling for them. The lost team went to the water but in the last moment they pulled the winners into the water too and continued fighting for jeans in the pool. Wanda also joined the girls in the water and the party began.
To be continued...
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Three Girlfriends have rest and fun in the pool.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 20:17            AVI-file (XviD), 1,74Gb.

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Posted:  15.03.2017

Girlfriends Elena, Nika and Tiana decided to relax and swim in the pool outside of the city. When the girls were in recreation center they were not going even to find their swimsuits, they used to swim fully clothed, they only had to take off their shoes as it was restricted. Elena wore white socks with denim skirt and white shirt, Nika wore pants and pink blouse. Girlfriends sat down on the edge of the pool, put their legs into the water, began to sprinkle each others and did not notice how they immersed completely into the water fully clothed ...
Then suddenly third friend Tiana came, she also did not undress, she wote jeans and sheer top, she was impressed from what she saw, how her friends swam in their clothes among lots of people. Wet girls began to call Tiana to join them .. and she did not hesitate diving into the pool completely in all her clothes.
A lot of other vacationers watched this action, somebody laughted, somebody delighted, and maybe someone with bewilderment. Now it is your turn to oversee our wet sexy girls, for whom WETLOOK fun has became truly one of their favorite pleasures.
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