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Tanya with her friend Wanda has fun in mud in jeans.

Video:     HD, 1280x720 25p, length 21:22,                      MP4-file (AVC), 803MB 

Photos:   371 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                          ZIP-archive, 238MB.

Posted:  22.07.2014

Recently, we went with friends to have rest outdoor, having sunbath and swimming. But very heavy rain spoiled our rest. But the rain stopped, the sun came out, and only the huge puddles on the dirty road reminded of rain.

Tanya with her friend Wanda decided to have fun, they dressed their clothes in which they arrived and went for a walk through the puddles. One of the girls accidentally (or on purpose?) slipped on the slippery wet clay and fell into a mud puddle. Jeans, legs in sneakers and white socks became wet and muddy. Girlfriends started to indulge in mud, fully wallowing in a mud puddle, jumping into the swamp, pushing each other, rushing and smearing with mud.

When the girls did not have a single dry and clean place, when all white clothes and white socks became brown, Tanya took her friend to go to swim and bathe in the beautiful lake with blue water, where friends had fun a bit, washed off the dirt and went to rest undressed.

It was unexpected and unplanned session, the girls just decided to diversify their vacation and to get a lot of adrenaline, water and dirt. Well, photographer and cameraman is always at the ready, and he did not miss a moment, and a lovely, real WAM photo and video session is now available to you. That's how we rest for ourselves when there is such a possibility.

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Vanessa and Irma get wet in the river fully clothed.

Video:     HD, 1280x720 25p, length 20:35,                      MP4-file (AVC), 773MB 

Photos:   225 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                          ZIP-archive, 209MB.

Posted:  08.07.2014

Vanessa shared her wetlook photos with her friend and co-worker Irma, and the new girl wanted to try wetlook. On a hot summer day the girls dressed well, even put the jackets and boots, so that it was quite hot. Then friends came to the river and began to soak leisurely, enjoying the cool water that penetrated under the nice clothes, cooling hot bodies. First legs in boots soaked, tights and socks inside the boots were wet too. Then the girl sank completely into the water, soaking their jackets and Irma's jeans and Vanessa's denim mini skirt. Girlfriends took off their jackets and boots, showing off their beautiful young bodies in wet shirts. Irma loved the first experience in wet clothes, she wants to do it a lot in different clothes and delight us with beautiful wet views. 

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Elena and Natalie play wet Badminton.

Video:     HD, 1280x720 25p, length 18:25,                      MP4-file (AVC), 692MB 

Photos:   280 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                          ZIP-archive, 275MB.

Posted:  16.04.2014

In hot summer day girlfriends Elena and Natalie decided to play badminton near the lake. The girls start the game and shuttlecocks flew into the water in the lake. Girls decided that Elena should go for it in water as she sent it to the lake. She decided not to take off her clothes and went into the water in sneakers, sports trousers and T-shirt. Elena did not like that only she was wet and she began to spray water on her girlfriend, and then Natalie went into the water and the girls started to play around in water.

Then the girls set in water closer to the shore and began to take off shoes to each others, showing us their feet in wet and dirty white socks. When the girls were already completely soaked they went ashore and continued their game of badminton barefoot in wet socks.

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Marianna and Bonya clean the tub.

Video:     HD, 1280x720 25p, length 15:43,                      MP4-file (AVC), 590MB 

Photos:   349 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                          ZIP-archive, 147MB.

Posted:  26.03.2014

Bonia came to check how her housekeeper Marianna was cleaning the bath. Hostess did not like at all how her maid did her job, the bathroom was completely dirty, the mud not washed out. Bonia made the young maid go into the bath, take a sponge and under her supervision do the job qualitatively. Dissatisfied Marianna went into the tub, fully clothed in a white skirt , shirt and socks, even shoes were not removed . Then she took a sponge, liquid soap, turned on the shower and began to wash the bath well . Young girl was very angry with his mistress and she revenged sprinkling with foam sponge. Bonya did not expect such a turn of events, her suit was splashed with soap, she climbed into the tub and forced Marianna to wash her suit on herself. Marianna soaped her mistress's clothes , watering with shower, so that she became completely wet. The girls were very enthusiastic washing each others and completely getting wet, they liked it more and more. Bonya even made her maid to wash her legs in black high knee nylon socks. After the bath was completely clean, the girls went under the shower, where they rinsed hair to eachs right in clothes, so that to rinse the soap completely. All it was happening with the music, the girls genuinely enjoys wetlook, playing for us this scene.

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Girlfriends bathes in business suits in Jacuzzi.

Video:     HD, 1280x720 25p, length 25:17,                      MP4-file (AVC), 950MB 

Photos:   299 pcs, high res 1416x2128,                          ZIP-archive, 156MB.

Posted:  18.03.2014

Two friends Elena and Nika are sitting at home at the table after a hard day at the office, talking and drinking milk cocktail. Surprisingly, the girls began to quarrel and splashed each others with drinks, getting dirty their working suits. Then putting their mind at ease a little, friends went to the bathroom and tried to scrub stains from cocktails with wet sponge, but it was bad work, they only smeared suits more. Then Nika turned on the shower and began wet cleaning of Elena's suit, after that the water was almost everywhere. Girls understood that they have nothing to lose, suits spoiled and they decided to take a bath, fully clothed of course. Girlfriends went into water right in the shoes immediately soaking wet feet and began to wash clothes each other using shampoo and sponge. Elena took a moment and asked Nika to washed her hair and Nika did it. Then girls completely dipped into the tub, washed legs in pantyhose and stockings, and only then began to undress leisurely, remaining only wet shirts that stuck sexy body, also pantyhose and stockings. That's the way our girls relax after work, enjoying wetlook!

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