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Greta's B-Day!
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 40:54            AVI-file (XviD), 2,95Gb.
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Posted:  02.03.2018

Our charming model Greta had her birthday! Her friends arranged a party for her in the pool. All of them are wetlook models you know as well as her, so it is not difficult to understand why have they chosen such a place for party. Nika, Kylie, Ariel and Anita wanted to make the best celebration for their friend and dressed up for this important event. All of them were wearing beautiful white blouses, tight pants and high heels. Only Kylie was in strict skirt. They looked so festive and neat. Greta herself wore a tight dark blue dress, high-heeled shoes and the full-fashioned stockings. She was the queen of the party.
All the girls brought her presents. They were floating in the water, waiting for her. But who will get them from here. The girls decided to play a bottle game. The one who will be pointed by twisting bottle, swims and brings one present. Each girl swam slowly, enjoying the water and the touch of the wet clothes to her skin. They weren't hurrying back with the presents, relaxing and indulging themselves with water. One present Greta had to get herself. But it didn't bother her – she was happy to get wet in her dress and tights, shining like diamonds when wet.
Greta was very glad to open each present. Especially she adored a gorgeous Levi's jeans dress and immediately wanted to try it on. She looked so beautiful in this classic jeans dress and sure she wanted to try her new clothes in water – it is like receiving the present once more. Greta wasn't an exception and her first bath in Levi's dress was perfect. It looked so hot on her curves, wet, tight and shiny. Greta was happy to feel sexy, relaxed and fully soaked with water in her new dress.
Then the girls decided to play blindman's buff – a girl with closed eyes tries to catch others. They were excited like little girls. They had so much fun playing. Even with the eyes tied, each one felt confident because they new they look like queens in their wet white blouses and pants. When the game was over, they were just chilling – swimming, swaying in the water like mermaids, cheerful and full of sensual pleasure being completely wet in their clothes. Greta was happy to celebrate her birthday with her friends who shared a passion of her life – wetlook fun.
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Anita and Kylie are business ledies working hard in the river).
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 23:48            AVI-file (XviD), 2,05Gb.
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Posted:  20.01.2018

Once Anita and Kylie decided to meet at the riverbank. They wanted to relax and have a little drink outdoors after the hard working day. Sitting in the office when the weather is so good was a torture and they were very glad to escape from their offices. They didn’t even change their clothes and went to the river in strict business outfit – classic shirts, jackets, trousers and high-heeled shoes.
They sat at the riverbank, drinking, chatting and putting their feet into the water. The water felt so good that Kylie wanted to refresh herself. She went into the river in her business suit and dragged Anita with her. The water felt so cool and relaxing, that the girls couldn’t stop enjoying it. They were bathing each other, poured water on each other and being comforted with the water cooling their bodies that were so tired after a working day. They felt that the healing power of water washed away their tiredness and filled them with joy and feeling of freedom. 
Their jackets were fully soaked with water so they had to take them off and continued their fun in shirts. Their strict working outfit got completely wet and so tight that every gorgeous curve on their young bodies shined shamelessly and challenged the world by its sensual beauty. The girls were enjoying looking so sexy and were pleased to see each other’s wet beauty. They poured water on each other and were having true pleasure to see the water flow on the mate’s body and clothes.
They decided to wear their jackets back. They were fully soaked with water and so heavy they had to help each other. After bathing full-dressed for a while they went back to the bank. But their fun wasn’t over. Kylie slowly took off one of Anita’s Louboutin, filled it with water and poured on Anita. The game enchanted girls so much that they spend more time in water playing with their shoes. Then they put them back and went out of the river. There was not even a trace of a hard day’s work – they felt fresh and joyful. The Waminstyle girls always know how to relax and make the stress go away. Did your tiredness go away while watching this?
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Elena's Birthday Party in the pool
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 41:01            AVI-file (XviD), 2,96Gb.
Photos 630pcs, High res 2128x1416                        ZIP-archive, 571Mb. 

Posted:  24.11.2017

Our dear Elena, one of the most enthusiastic Waminstyle models, had a birthday! It was a big event for our small and friendly wetlook family. All her best friends, also wetlook models, gathered to greet her. It was Elena who showed them all the beauty of wetlook and they fell in love with it thanks to her. Of course, the format of the celebration was obvious – a pool party. Greta, Nika, and Kylie, dressed in jeans outfit, prepared a surprise for their beloved friend.

Kylie, the master of the party, was dressed in full-Levis look. Elena was the one who was in dress because she was a princess of that day. Even Tanya came to greet one of her beloved models. She said sincerely how she appreciated everything Elena did for wetlook from the name of entire Waminstyle crew. And of course, everyone brought a present for Elena and hid it in water.

Each girl in her beautiful outfit dived under the water and fetched her present for Elena. All of them were so beautiful and wet in their jeans and all of them remembered that without Elena they would never know about that shiny sexy look of their bodies in wet clothes, the joy of warm water soaking it through and that terrific feeling on their skin, making their eyes shine with confidence and sensuality.

So what were the presents girls prepared? It was new clothes for Elena’s favorite fun – wetlook pleasures. And Tanya presented her a new phone from her and Oleg. The things got a little wet while waiting in water but the phone, fortunately, was OK. Elena was so glad to receive her presents that she immediately wanted to wear and try them in water. She looked so gorgeous in new jeans, blouse and high-heeled shoes, all wet from head to toes, shining with water and happiness. The last surprise she received was a jeans jacket that repeated the destiny of the other presents – it got soaked with water on Elena’s slim and beautiful body.

Then all the girls gathered in pool. They were jumping and having fun. All of them were happy to greet their mate,  bathing in clothes, now being not only good friends but something more - a wetlook family.
Which of the girls did you like the most? In what outfit would you like to see them? Write us about it and we can make your ideas and fantasies come to life!
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Recruiting new girls for waminstyle - severe probation. Part 3
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 20:08            AVI-file (XviD), 1,73Gb.
Photos 381pcs, High res 2128x1416                        ZIP-archive, 347Mb. 

Posted:  15.11.2017

In the two previous parts of our wetlook casting the girls were performing in jeans look and strict business outfit.  They really nailed it and showed the most of their beautiful bodies in different types of wet clothes contests. Each of them was gorgeous in her own special way and they all deserved to take places in a row of stunning Waminstyle mermaids. So the third, final part of the wetlook casting was their first performance as a part of Waminstyle team. It was rather a celebration of their achievement than a contest but it had to show how they can make successful team cooperation.
All of them including Wanda changed their strict costumes into more informal elegant sport style – pants and white shirts. Wanda greeted girls with the successful result of the probation and invited them to celebrate it altogether in water. They were dancing, jumping into the water and having their big time. The casting turned into a party. Now the new models did not need to worry, the most responsible moments were through and they could really relax and just enjoy the whole thing. They let themselves go and did whatever they wanted - carrying and throwing each other into the water, laughing, shouting and fooling around, all wet and sexy.  The sensual atmosphere made them feel free to take off their shirts and bras and enjoy it.
The relaxed atmosphere did its work and they became more and more naughty – even shy little Ariel wasn’t hiding her sexuality anymore. She was acting so bravely and flirty that it could seduce even the saint. Hannah also felt more freely and her childish playfulness turned into female sensuality. And Anita, confident and sexy from very beginning, continued to open endless depths of her femininity and mighty power to enchant any man’s heart.
The girls went out of the water to dance in wet clothes, and then made the last change of the outfit. Now they wore colorful T-shirts without bras. They did not need Wanda’s guide anymore because they got the idea of wetlook and now jumped into the water without her. Their bright tops went wet and tight and showed all the beauty of their young breasts. It was a stunning vision, perhaps one of the most beautiful things you will ever see in your life. Now all of them are wetlook models, the casting was over.  But don’t get upset, you will be seeing them in our next photos and videos.
Which of the girls did you like the most? In what outfit would you like to see them? Write us about it and we can make your ideas and fantasies come to life!
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Recruiting new girls for waminstyle - severe probation. Part 2.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 28:11            AVI-file (XviD), 2,42Gb.
Photos 616pcs, High res 2128x1416                        ZIP-archive, 590Mb. 

Posted:  24.10.2017

As you remember, in the first part of our wetlook model casting our sweet contestants were performing in the jeans outfit. The theme of its second part was a strict business look – all the girls changed their wet jeans on jackets and pants. They sat on the edge of the pool and put their legs into the water. Then they went to swim in their strict suits. The tissue of their strict outfit went wet and shiny; they were like snakes, seductively curving in water. Then each of them slowly went out, showing off how totally soaked she is. Water was flowing from their clothes that became tight and enhanced the beauty of their young bodies. 
They did not feel shy any more, and when Wanda told them to change their wet pants on dry skirts, they did not even went aside and took them off as if there was no camera there. They were asked to dance on the pool stairs and each one made up a real performance. Water changed them: they became more natural, relaxed and acted more seductively and flirty. Lively childish Hannah acted more like a sexy confident woman now; Anita was hot from the very first shot and now she fully felt her power of female charm and used this weapon. Even little Ariel, so shy and innocent from the very beginning, proved to be a naughty girl deep inside.
Each girl’s dance was a masterpiece, a celebration of female sexuality and the power of water that opens it. When all of them were in water, Wanda joined them and they all took the jackets off and left in white blouses. The girls were having fun in water, swimming, jumping, holding each other and sincerely enjoying the moment. Even strict and serious Wanda became more open and was having fun like a child. That’s what wetlook does to women – it brings out their true nature, and we are happy to see it and to show it to the world. 
Our wet team stood in a row jumping to the music near the edge of a pool. Then shiny, wet and happy girls went out from the water and continued dancing. Have you ever seen such casting that would bring so much fun and joy to its participants? Every woman must want to become a wetlook model! But it is not finished yet. A new clothes change waits for our models, and a new piece of delight waits for you!
We apologize that our video does not show the very moment of girls in business suits walking into the water. It happened because of technical problems, but don’t get upset – you can see it in details on photos.
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