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Recruiting new girls for waminstyle - severe probation.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 31:18            MP4-file (AVC), 2,22Gb.
Photos 574pcs, High res 2128x1416                        ZIP-archive, 432Mb. 

Posted:  07.10.2017

Perhaps all of you have already seen Anita, Hannah and Ariel on, but nobody has ever wondered how they got there.  The choice of models that will perform in our wet pleasures is not an easy thing and it’s not enough just to be pretty to join us. Our girls must feel the water, enjoy being wet in full clothes and be able to share their feeling with the audience. So, before being shown on the site, the new girls had to undergo the probation which was to know will they really suit for being wetlook models. We are sharing their very first wet session with you.

It was a hot day and the girl’s team lead by our casting director Wanda was near the pool to maintain their first wet experience. They were worried and excited before something completely new for them. Their first look was full-jeans outfit and white shirts. Wanda in her classy business suit and high heels went to the water first to cheer the girls up. Their first task was to fall into the water accidentally, then to swim under the water and on its surface. All of them showed their vivid, unpretended reaction to their first wetlook experience differently and each of them looked beautiful in her own way. Hannah was like a child, laughing and having fun purely from her heart. Ariel, a shy and sensitive girl, looked so natural with her surprise changed with excitement about the water. And Anita opened herself at once as a sexy seducing mermaid able to drag any man under the water with her charm. Innocent Ariel, hot Anita and lively Hannah – what a beautiful ensemble!

Their jeans, jackets, and shirts were fully soaked with water, embracing their young bodies so seductively.  They were exploring wetlook and when they got used to the water they began to show themselves off and to play with their wet full-dressed bodies to demonstrate how sexy and gorgeous they felt. When the first task was finished, all of them slowly went out of the water, beautiful, all-wet, with the water pouring from their jeans clothes. The second task was the famous wet T-shirts contest. The girls changed their shirts on white T-shirts. Then Wanda told them to take off their bras in water. Perhaps it will be one of the sexiest things you’ll ever see in your life – beautiful girls in white outfit that became completely wet and transparent, showing their lingerie, and then their boobs with the nipples protrude in cold water. ..

But wait! It was only the first part of their casting contest. The second will be not less interesting, vivid and full of new gorgeous clothes that will be all wet on our beauties. Be patient, guys – you will see them in skirts, business looks and more! And what girl did you like the most – little shy mermaid Ariel, sexy siren Anita or naughty girl Hannah? Write us, we are eager to know!
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College Girls have fun on the river bank.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 23:53            AVI-file (XviD), 2,05Gb.
Photos 422pcs, High res 2128x1416                        ZIP-archive, 425Mb. 

Posted:  21.08.2017

Two girlfriends - Kylie and Anita on a hot summer day decided to skip classes at college and went to the river. There girls chose a cool place in the shade on the river bank, sat down on the grass and decided to drink a cool drink. Anita took a bottle of Pepsi from her bag, and the saucy slut Kylie took with her a small bottle of cogniac. Without thinking for a long, girls made a cocktail and drinking it they put their feet into the water, right in the shoes and white knee socks. Then Kylie suggested completely to soak her feet, so it will be cooler and more pleasant. But the alcohol was doing its job, girlfriends decided to go further, to do something foolish. They went into the water deeper and right there sat down, then got skirts with panties)soaked. There was nothing to lose - it was decided to get wet completely, right in college uniform. Girls began to play, splash, pour each other from their shoes. Having been quickly sobering in cool river, girls crawled ashore, washed each other from the dirt on their clothes and went home, satisfied and cheerful.
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Elena, Greta and Marianna have fun in the lake.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 16:33            AVI-file (XviD), 1,42Gb.
Photos 382pcs, High res 2128x1416                        ZIP-archive, 374Mb. 

Posted:  09.08.2017

Time files, our girls are now best friends and they really have fun spending time together in the water. It is even funny in a cloudy cool day. Girls wear blue and white jeans, sheer T-shirts, somebody in sheer bras, somebody braless, but all in socks and sneakers... They play around in the water and on catamaran board showing off their beautiful wet fully clothed bodies, and showing a kind of sexy Wet T-Shirt contest...
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WETLOOK adventure of 3 girlfriends under waterfalls.
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 18:45            AVI-file (XviD), 1,61Gb.
Photos 345pcs, High res 2128x1416                        ZIP-archive, 351Mb. 

Posted:  13.07.2017

Three friends Greta, Kylie and Sofia have a rest in a beautiful picturesque place, with several natural waterfalls. Of course our girls wanted to soak under the inviting streams of cool water, and of course fully clothed, because WETLOOK has long been a pleasant part of their life.
This time our friends show us jeans clothes in the style of 90s. Turn by turn they completely get wet under two natural waterfalls, have fun and get maximum enjoyment, giving us wonderful views of this WETLOOK.
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New wetlook party "Back to 90s: Wet Timeshifters"
VideoFull HD 1920x1080 59p, length 29:36            AVI-file (XviD), 2,55Gb.
Photos 437pcs, High res 2128x1416                        ZIP-archive, 722Mb. 

Posted:  29.06.2017

On a sunny summer day, near the beautiful waterfall, some really special event happened. Greta, Nika, Kylie and Sophie gathered for a party devoted to a wonderful nostalgic party devoted to 90s era - the time of wonderful music, movies, games and, of course, beautiful fashion, like high-wasted pants, mini skirts, bright neon colors, leggings... Some of remember it as a time of childhood, some were young and in love in those days, some do not remember it very good or even wasn't born then, but surely feel the atmosphere that brings back warm and pleasant emotions. And the girls decided to combine it with the other thing they love - getting wet in clothes. Wanda was very glad to lead the party, because it brought her flashbacks about her college days, that were exactly in those years.
Every girl was introducing one of the various looks were fashionable in those days. There were leggings, white shirt, fluorescent colors, platforms, boots, jeans, of course, Levis too and the sports outfit. Wanda started a game about knowledge of 90s fashion with water punishments. Girls had such a lot of fun shooting from the water gun in those who didn't know the answer. They were very excited - beautiful nature, noise of the flowing water and vintage outfit, that looked so adorable soaking with water step by step.
Girls continued to play, now laying down in the water to be punished, getting more and more wet, shining elegantly on a bright summer sun. They felt so happy and amused, and those who remembers, definitely feels a slight touch of nostalgia. The beauty of the waterfall enchanted them and they went to explore it. Under the strong splashes of water, filling their wet clothes with it, that made them look so sexy and desirable, they were swaying like snakes, having their pleasure, showing themselves off. No one of them will forget that day, when 90s and wetlook joined together. 
And how do you guys like their display of 90s fashion? Who can remember something else from that time that would be interesting to perform in a wetlook discourse? Write us and we can fix that in our next videos. Soon you will see the next party with three girls in 90s truly fashionable jeans. And, if someone was disappointed by a poor display of his 90s vision and memories - just tell us what was missing, and if you'll not notice enough, we'll be glad to make a third part in which the display will satisfy all of your requests.
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